Mark Cuban Goes Off on NBA Scheduling

Mark Cuban has had his share of criticism of NBA executives, the league’s policies and David Stern himself. He’s also had to pay a lot of fines over the years for speaking his mind through the various media outlets. The NBA not scheduling a visit to Washington in the Mavs’ game list in 2012 has set Cuban against the league once again.

Champions in the major American sport leagues get to visit the White House and meet the president. Those visit are typically arranged into the scheduele when the defending champions get to play an away game in the Washington D.C. area.

However, maybe by mistake due to the hastening of the scheduling, or maybe, intentionally, the Dallas Mavericks don’t have a game against the Washington Wizards this season. The Wizards actually visit the Mavericks in March.

Well Cuban had to take care of business on his own, and after the Mavericks play the Hornets this Saturday, they’ll fly to Washington before moving on to Detroit and Boston to play the Pistons and Celtics.

Cuban, as expected, couldn’t keep his feelings about the league’s mishandling of the known tradition hidden – There’s no point in calling them. It’s BS by the league not to schedule it. I figured I’d do it myself since the league wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. How can you be that stupid? All you’ve got to do is when you’re putting in the scheduling software, say Dallas at Washington, yes. They managed to get Dallas and Miami and all the games set on certain days.

Just a shot in the dark, a hunch? This wasn’t a mistake.