Mark Cuban Uses Twitter to Show How Disgusting Some Lakers Fans Are

Twitter has long been a spawning ground for those who feel the guts to say the disgusting things they truly feel only because they’re protected by thousands of miles and the lawless Internet. Mark Cuban, like most celebrities, is on the receiving end of swearing, foul-language and much worse each and every day, with the recent game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers providing another example to the stupidity and low cunning of some.

Cuban isn’t loved by all; possibly hated by many. When you speak your mind on about every subject out there, you’re going to win a lot of haters. Cuban plays the part of some sort of owner-villain, creating rivalries when necessary, but above everything, he cares, a lot, about his team. That’s why he wears his heart on sleeve every time he’s watching a basketball game, and while it can be annoying, it shouldn’t be something he needs to be abused about.

So while his team was taking a pounding from the Lakers, probably sending the Mavs out of the playoff picture for good, Cuban was getting tons of “love letters” from Lakers fans or simply people who aren’t too fond of him. Maybe it hurt him deep inside, maybe it didn’t. But Cuban decided to help uncover and expose the cruelty and stupidity of many, by re-tweeting the messages he thought were most endearing, showing the face of what some NBA fans are all about.