Marshawn Lynch Back in Business (Eagles vs Seahawks)

For Marshawn Lynch, it was return to the spotlight game, running for 148 yards and two touchdowns as the Seattle Seahwaks pretty much ended the Philadelphia Eagles’ slim hopes of a post season with a 31-14 win over Andy Reid’s slumping “super” team.

It was Lynch’s night, more than anyone else. Opening the game with two scores, one from a 15 yard run and then a 40 yard run. He will reach 1000 yards this season for the first time since his Sophomore year in the NFL with the Bills on a career that started with two 1000 yards rushing seasons. In the next two (2009-2010) before and after his trade from Buffalo to Seattle, Lynch for a total of 1187. He’s at 854 in 2011 already.

The Eagles? Their season keeps looking worse and worse as they tumble to an NFC East worst 4-8. Only Carolina, St. Louis and Minnesota have won less than them. Without Michael Vick and clearly an Andy Reid that’s slowly losing grasp and control over his team, maybe even his job when this season ends, the Eagles looked like a total train wreck. Especially Vince Young.

The former Texas quarterback has a TD-INT ratio of 4-9 in his five games this season. Three of his four interceptions on Thursday night led to Seahawks touchdowns, including one returned David Hawthorne for 77 yards to clinch the game. Three of those interceptions were directly Young’s fault.  More bad news for the Eagles?

Nnamdi Asomugha, who was touted as the best cornerback in the league during free agency suffered a neck injury during the game that could keep him out for quite some time.

Since Andy Reid has taken the helm in Philly, the Eagles have missed the playoffs only three times. They’ve finished below .500 only once, in 2005, with a 6-10 record. This looks like that kind of ending, at best, again. With the team, especially the defense looking like it’s giving up on the last month of the season, we’re bound for a rocky and ugly ending.

Big Loser of the Season

For the Seahawks, it was all about Lynch, who said it was all about the defense and offensive linemen. Tavaris Jackson had an efficient night as you might call it, with 13-16 for 190 yards and touchdown to give his quarterback ratings a nice boost. Again, all Seahawks players could talk about after the game was Lynch and his fantastic sort of comeback season.

Lynch – Offensive line played a helluva game. Tavaris did a helluva job managing the game, we came out victorious, everybody is happy. Now we’re on to our break. Thank you. I appreciate it. Excuse me.

And now it’s up to the Seahawks’ front office to decide if to franchise tag Lynch or reach a new agreement, with Shaun Alexander as an example and warning. At 28 years old Alexander was re-signed, getting paid $15 million for the 2006 season following his MVP year in 2005. Alexander, already with nearly 2000 career touches, gave two disappointing seasons before a Redskins swan song. Lynch is 26. Just so you know.

Playoffs? Seattle won’t catch the 49ers in the division and have four teams ahead of them in the wild card race. The remaining schedule isn’t the toughest possible, including three NFC West games. The Rams, at Chicago, the 49ers and at Arizona. Lets say a potential 3-1 for an 8-8 finish. Won’t be enough to win the wild card. Last year, 7-9 was enough. The NFC has gotten better. The NFC West? Only SF.

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