Mayweather vs Pacquiao Talks – Running Smooth or Not?

Everything is a matter of prespective, of who you ask and who you talk to. Manny Pacquiao himself claims there are just few little things to sort out before the May 5 fight with Floyd Mayweather is a signed deal. On the other end of the fence is Oscar De La Hoya from Golden Boy Promotions, saying things aren’t exactly fine and dandy.

Floyd Mayweather came out earlier this week, saying everything is done and done on his side and all he was waiting for is for Manny Pacquiao to agree. To what? The Mayweather approved drug testing, which supposedly dropped the deal last time we had negotiations. According to Pacquiao’s camp, the Filipino has agreed to go along with every one of Mayweather’s requirements.

Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, has also said that a deal is imminent and there are very few things to sort out before everything was agreed upon.

From Manny Pacquiao himself, it actually sounds like a done deal – We are ready. If it pushes through, once he signs the contract then I’ll sign the contract. Only the little things are being worked out and negotiations are almost done.

Then comes out De La Hoya, and makes us see a different picture. The right one? I don’t know, but he pictures a very different tale than the one we’re hearing from the Pacquiao camp, spearheaded by Bob Arum. Bob Arum, please please stop lying to the public. Sit down with my CEO Richard Schaefer and make the big fight happen. Before Manny asks questions. Bob Arum is saying there are a bunch of investors he’s talking to, to try and make Pacquiao v Mayweather. I can’t stop laughing. Let’s do it!!!!! Golden Boy fighters vs Top Rank fighters. Oh sorry, Bob won’t do it.

First of all, Mayweather isn’t signed with Golden Boy Promotions, but he likes having the former Golden Boy himself around him when he signs deals. The whole “love triangle” in this whole potential fight isn’t helping business. Bob Arum isn’t a big fan of Mayweather and De La Hoya.

The thing I fear is that Arum will try and disrupt this fight from happening. Manny Pacquiao should get what he wants, and he wants to fight Mayweather. The problem is we don’t know how involved he is in the whole process. Eventually, if he’ll push for it, it’ll get signed a hell of a lot faster. But that’s just perception.

Why the whole media game and throwing blame on who’s ducking and who’s delaying? Just because. Floyd Mayweather, despite his behavior and the things he says, wants public appreciation. Not just for simple love from boxing fans, but for his place in the present and history, his place as one of the greatest ever.

His record, undefeated, 42-0, winning seven world titles in five different weight classes, certainly puts him there. But the fact that the whole reason he and Manny Pacquiao haven’t fought yet is usually pinned on Mayweather himself has to be changed, from his point of view. Maybe he does actually want to fight him, suddenly, after all this time. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he just needs to make it look like he’s the one making the effort.

Pacquiao’s reputation as a fighter took a hit with his unimpressive win over Juan Manuel Marquez, for a second time. Mayweather’s win over Victor Ortiz was just another reason for those who don’t like to hate him. Arrogance and borderline ethics in sports never win you neutral fans. A change in the Pound 4 Pound rankings for the first time in years and making an effort, at least publicly, does.