Match Highlights – Barcelona vs Granada

The clean sheets for Barcelona continue in a tremendous 6-0 win over Granada, with Neymar scoring his first hat trick for the club while Lionel Messi continues to do his assist magic, adding two goals and another coming from Ivan Rakitic.

After dropping their first league points of the season against Malaga, Barcelona were bound to make an effort to make up for that performance. Granada managed to hang on for 26 minutes before making their first mistake on defense, and everything fell apart.

The hottest player right now for Barcelona is the Brazilian Neymar, getting more space as Lionel Messi moves back and to the sides, freeing up room for the striker to operate. The first goal came as Neymar was the first to intercept off a defensive mistake by Granada. The second came with Messi getting too much freedom to cross from the right wing, met well by Rakitic with a header.

Things kept falling apart for Granada in the second half. Messi began the play that put Neymar with a double just before half time, and scored himself off a Dani Alves assist to end something of a mini drought for himself, making it 4-0.

The ravaging continued as Neymar made it his first hat trick for Barcelona, very close to already beating his output from last season before September is over, while Lionel Messi with an impressive solo effort made it 6-0 that made it clear which team is the best right now in Spain.

Barcelona beat Granada

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