Match Highlights – Brazil vs Chile

Brazil Chile

The first match in the round of 16, the first penalty shooutout. After a 1-1 draw through the first 120 minutes, Brazil came through with penalty kicks as Julio Cesar made two saves and Neymar scored the fifth kick, while Gonzalo Jara missed the deciding kick by hitting the post.

Brazil had a fantastic first half with Fernandinho starting instead of Paulinho, while Chile’s pressure didn’t work well. A corner kick found David Luiz open as the ball bounced off of him into the open net. Hulk and Neymar found space behind the Chilean defense, but a very good day from Claudio Bravo kept Chile in the match, until a huge mistake from Marcelo and Hulk allowed Alexis Sanchez to equalize, stealing the ball off a bad throw in.

The Chilean pressure and the weak Brazilian midfield, combined with a terrible day from Fred (again) and Oscar, resulted in a very good performance from Chile in the second half as Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez kept troubling the Brazilian defense, as Marcelo and Dani Alves did a terrible job as full backs, while both Luis Gustavo and Fernandinho couldn’t dictate the pace or help Brazil get out of the funk.

Putting in Ramires and moving Hulk to the right where he is a lot more dangerous gave Brazil some solid moments, but most of their effective moments came through one on one plays by Neymar and Hulk, as the Zenit winger tested Claudio Bravo twice but couldn’t beat the next Barcelona goalkeeper.

Extra time was all about Brazil: Chile stopped pressing, and their players used every opportunity possible to waste time. Neymar didn’t get any balls to his legs, Hulk and the others dribbled themselves into dead ends, and the best change came in the 120th minute, with Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla hitting the crossbar with Howard Webb calling for penalty kicks. Webb had a good performance, seeing Hulk using his hand to score a goal, cancelling it seconds later.

After David Luiz opened the penalty kicks with a goal, we saw a save from Julio Cesar (stopping Pinilla), a miss from Willian and another save from Cesar, this time stopping Alexis Sanchez. Marcelo gave Brazil a huge advantage followed by Charles Aranguiz keeping Chile alive, but a miss from Hulk gave Chile an equalizing chance, with Marcelo Diaz scoring. Neymar stepped up to score a huge goal in a huge moment, which then led to Jara hitting the post and giving the happy-tragic ending to the affair.

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