Match Highlights – Brazil vs Colombia

David Luiz

A fantastic match, the best of the day, as Brazil beat Colombia with their two centre backs, David Luiz and Thiago Silva, scoring their goals in the 2-1 victory, while James Rodriguez scored to make things very interesting in the final minutes.

It took Brazil only seven minutes to take the lead, as a Neymar corner led to some confusion in the Colombian defense, with Thiago Silva slipping behind Carlos Sanchez to score the opening goal for Brazil.

A first half that gave us James Rodriguez all alone with a Colombian team that seemed to feel uncomfortable with the physicality of the Brazilian side, not to mention a referee that allowed them to do whatever they wanted without being punished.

Things were a bit more even in the second half. Adrian Ramos joining the match made Colombia look better, with Rodriguez playing in a position he’s better in, while Brazil stopped attacking with the same numbers as they did in the first half.

Still, a wonderful free kick by David Luiz in the 69th minute, two minutes after a goal scored by Mario Yepes was disallowed. Luiz scored his second goal of the tournament from 35 meters, something David Ospina should have done better with.

Colombia introduced Carlos Bacca, and the Brazilian defense couldn’t handle his speed. A wonderful pass from Rodriguez led to a penalty kick which he converted. However, despite the Neymar injury from a Zuniga foul, Colombia couldn’t create a serious chance in the final 15 minutes including injury time, going home despite being the most enjoyable team to watch so far in the tournament, while Brazil now have a date with Germany.

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