Match Highlights – Chelsea vs West Brom

Chelsea beat West Brom

The fantastic, rather easy and undefeated season Chelsea are having in the Premier League continues, calmly dispatching of West Brom 2-0 with first half goals from Diego Costa and Eden Hazard.

After only 25 minutes into the match, it was all over. Poor defending after 11 minutes allowed Diego Costa, maybe slightly offside, to find himself in a one on one situation, scoring the opening goal. After 14 minutes, Eden Hazard was left unamrked in the box to make it a two-goal lead. Four minutes later, a reckless challenge from Claudio Yacob left West Brom with only 10 players. It was over.

Chelsea did make some attempts at giving the fans a more impressive result, but this team isn’t about style of racking up goals at an alarming rate. That happened earlier in the season. With no threat or challenge standing in their way, it wasn’t really surprising to see Chelsea slow down and pretty much pass the time, waiting for the moment that the 3 points were officially theirs.

The home fans weren’t going to be the ones pushing them forward, and West Brom never found any inspirations or openings to try and create some sort of interest in the match. Very different to last year, when Ramires needed to dive in the final minute in order to salvage a home draw.

Chelsea are slowing down, but the wins and points keep coming – an incredible 32 points from the first 12 matches, as the history of Mourinho bringing his teams to their peak during his second season comes true once again.

West Brom, after a few years of hovering around the middle parts of the table, seem to be closer and closer to being unable to escape from relegation battles this season. Winning at Stamford Bridge was never part of the plan, but it doesn’t help them escape the bottom part of the table.

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