Match Highlights – Liverpool vs Chelsea

Chelsea beat Liverpool

The last time Liverpool lost a Premier League match? Back in December, to Chelsea. The same thing happened again, with Jose Mourinho walking away as the big winner of a colossal match in terms of significance, coming away with the 2-0 win thanks to goals from Demba Ba and Willian, changing the situation at the top of the Premier League table.

Manchester City now are hold the steering wheel thanks to an incredible defensive and mostly cynical defensive performance from Chelsea who used every trick in the book but came away with the two goals. First due to a Steven Gerrard slip just before half time, and the second after Daniel Sturridge carelessly gave the ball away and Fernando Torres found himself in a situation to sink Liverpool, giving Willian the chance to get on the scoresheet.

The rest? Liverpool with the ball, trying to break the bus Chelsea already used in their away match against Atletico Madrid. Two wingers playing like right backs, with six more players inside the box, making it impossible for Liverpool to get anything near Mark Schwarzer. The Australian goalkeeper might actually end up as a huge hero for Chelsea at the end of the season with some impressive saves, mostly from long range shots.

Liverpool did make mistakes. Not enough minutes with Daniel Sturridge on the pitch although he was probably less than 100%, and generally playing too predictably, crossing instead of trying to create pairings at key areas near the box and working their way in through 1-2 passing.

After 11 consecutive wins, Liverpool are still at the top of the table, but things have gotten more complicated. They are two points above Chelsea, once again finding themselves in the championship race, and six above Manchester City. But… City have two games in hand, and a much better goal difference (six better than Liverpool).

No space behind the defense, and not enough clever movement and passing from Liverpool, not to mention no luck which is always important as Chelsea would attest, resulted in Liverpool losing to Chelsea for the second time this season, in what might end up costing them the title.

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