Match Highlights – Norwich vs Liverpool

Luis Suarez

The road to the end of a championship drought is becoming shorter after Liverpool barely scraped together a 3-2 in Norwich with Luis Suarez scoring once again against the Cannaries, while Raheem Sterling came away as the big hero with two fantastic strikes that opened and finished the scoring.

As with plenty of Liverpool matches, there was a great start followed by too many tense moments for the team and its fans, as the defense failed to handle crosses and set pieces from a physical and determined Norwich side.

Raheem Sterling opened the scoring after only four minutes with a fine dribble and then sent a rocket of a shot from 25 meters out that probably clipped a Norwich defender, taking just enough of a swerve to make it impossible for Ruddy to reach.

Sterling was involved with the second goal as well in what might have been his best match this season. He broke from the left wing while Luis Suarez moved well through the middle, somehow unnoticed. Sterling moved the ball into the box, and Suarez went past his marker to score his 12th goal in six matches against Norwich.

Things became complicated in the second half when an awful mistake from Simon Mignolet helped Gary Hooper score in front of a wide open net. Liverpool answered back with another brilliant display of skill and speed from Sterling, once again helped with an unlucky touch from a defender to give Liverpool another two-goal cushion.

Over? Not yet. In the 77th minute some poor defending from Flanagan helped Robert Sondgrass put some hope and faith in the hearts of Norwich fans with another headed goal. Norwich had a couple of more chances that made it possible for them to secure a great draw or even more, but Liverpool managed to hang on while missing some big chances of their own, especially by Lucas at the end of injury time.

Liverpool open a five point lead over Chelsea at the top of the table while Manchester City, nine points behind, still have two matches in hand. Norwich are still above the relegation zone with a two point gap, but a Sunderland win in their match in hand and Norwich go below the red line.

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