Match Highlights – Real Madrid vs Elche

For a second straight match, Real Madrid make a mockery of their opponents, beating Elche 5-1 as Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals (two from the penalty spot) and got some aid from Gareth Bale with another one, making everyone forget about the rough start to the season.

While the beginning of the night was about Iker Casillas getting benched in favor of Keylor Navas, in the end it was all about Ronaldo reaching nine league goals in four matches. It is the 25th time he has scored three goals or more for Real Madrid, and his second hat trick in a row.

The first goal actually came from Elche on a terrible penalty call (not the first one in the match), as a blatant dive was enough from Pedro Mosquera to put Elche on the penalty spot, with the shot converted by Edu Albacar.

Ronaldo was the one who fouled Mosquera, and he repaid the the favor later on. The equalizer came from Gareth Bale, heading a weak ball towards the center of the goal, but poor goalkeeping from Manuel Yague allowed Bale to get the goal and James Rodriguez the assist.

Marcelo had his own piece of diving four minutes later, fouled by the same Mosquera, to convert easily from the spot. Real Madrid went into the locker room with a 3-1 lead after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a wonderful header off a Marcelo cross.

Real Madrid kept looking for more goals in the second half, eventually getting both of them in the final 10 minutes. Ronaldo was clipped from behind and dove immediately, getting himself another chance to score, easily converting from the penalty spot. In extra time, he had a chance to score in a one on one, making it a perfect night for the best scorer in the world.

Now, for this win to mean anything special, they need Barcelona to start dropping points

Real Madrid beat Elche

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