Match Highlights – Stoke vs Manchester United

Stoke Hail

A bad match which was halted during the first half for severe weather conditions, but Manchester United continue to enjoy the comforts of playing away from home, picking up a 2-0 win over Stoke City with second half goals from Ashley Young and Patrice Evra, moving on to the semi final of the League Cup.

Both of Manchester United’s goals came from the same area, as once it was Young, the most active of their attacking players, and the other being Evra, as they came in from the left flank into the box before finishing in front of Sorensen, who should have done better on both occasions.

The two goals were about the two most meaningful events in the match except for the short delay during the first half when a shower of hail came out of nowhere, stopping the match for a few minutes. Unlike the Champions League match from last week, the referee this time (Clattenburg) didn’t hesitate, realizing there is no use in playing through that kind of weather.

David Moyes didn’t use his usual lineup, but with so many injuries, it’s hard to say there’s anything normal for him anymore. Wayne Rooney is also injured, so he once against started with Danny Welbeck in front, finding it hard to get any chances without a real creative midfielder playing behind him. Ashley Young, playing on the left wing most of the time, was the busiest of United’s front players, although he usually wasn’t very accurate in his delivery.

Before, between and after the goals, Stoke never did anything creative or noteworthy. Long balls, getting them two chances for Oussama Assaidi from inside the box, both coming in the first half. United, with Anderson and Cleverley in its midfield, were the more dangerous side, but except for their goals by their left flank players, nothing really happened to make Sorensen feel tested.

David Moyes will take his injured squad to the league and hope he finally turns things around at Old Trafford, which hasn’t been very welcoming for him so far. No Manchester United manager has ever been judges by his success in the League Cup.