Matthew Evans Presents – How not to React to an Own Goal

The 2012 Euro Beach Soccer League has already given us one of the most horrific injuries recently seen on a football pitch, sand or grass, and now, courtesy of Matthew Evans from the English team, it has given us the most unneccessary frustrated reaction for an own goal, hurting a Belarus player as a result.

The moral of the story? Don’t score own goals, or just attend anger management meetings. Belarus managed to score a goal, partially thanks to the ball going past the keeper and hitting Evans on the way to a goal. Whether you’d consider this an own goal or not is a matter of semantics, because the shot was on target either way.

Regardless of who to write down as the goal scorer, Evans vented all of his frustration into kicking the ball in anger. It wasn’t too strong, but it bounced off his foot straight into the head of a Belorussian, who did what most footballers do nowadays – Grab their head and roll on the ground like they just got shot.

It was clear that he was faking his injury and it wasn’t Evans’ intention to hurt him, but he got booked nonetheless for what will make him think from now on as to how to react to a frustrating moment in a match.