Floyd Mayweather Teases Victor Ortiz While Amir Khan Waits

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I’m glad Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back in the ring. His mouth has been working overtime doing promoting and trash talking, with his latest output regarding Victor Ortiz, the man he just beat two weeks ago. Mayweather says he’s willing to give Ortiz another shot after getting knocked out, only if he beats Andre Berto. Meanwhile, Amir Khan seems certain that his Mayweather fight will happen within the next nine months.

But let’s go back to the whole Mayweather – Ortiz thing, which Amir Khan also addressed. Mayweather tweeted he’s OK with giving Victor Ortiz another shot at him, but only if he beats Andre Berto. If you remember, Ortiz beat Andre Berto back in April, winning the WBC title. Mayweather had no problem handling Ortiz in their fight, but the way it ended was controversial to say the least.

From here it’s a matter of perception – Should have Mayweather allowed Ortiz to get his gloves back up? What the hell was the ref doing? Anyway, Mayweather, being the promoter he is, feels he’s got to play puppet master while choosing his next opponent. Everyone hopes it’s finally, finally, Manny Pacquiao, but that isn’t happening right now. Plus Pacquiao’s got a fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

If you recall, Mayweather already played the puppet master card after Amir Khan started talking about wanting a shot at the undefeated Welterweight. Mayweather said he’s willing to do it only if Khan fights Jessie Vargas. Recently he admitted that the Vargas ultimatum was only about creating publicity for the young fighter, who didn’t impress in a win on the Mayweather – Ortiz undercard.

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Back to Amir Khan, who will finish his days as a Junior Welterweight with a fight against Lamont Peterson in December. After that – it’s Welterweight for him, and he’s been gunning for Floyd Mayweather Jr. for a long time. He’s also quite confident he can beat him – I can see a lot of things in my armoury that would beat Floyd – he will take a lot of shots and he will get beat. Floyd Mayweather is beatable – I think definitely he’s beatable. 

Despite Mayweather being a target for quite a lot of boxers, I’m not even sure how much he wants to box them. Especially those he knows have a chance of hurting his undefeated resume. Or maybe he’s just enjoying (scratch that, not maybe, I’m sure he is) the extra attention both as a promoter and a fighter.

Amir Khan didn’t have any problems with how Mayweather won his Ortiz fight – What Mayweather did was just come back with a shot as soon as the referee said box on. He hit Ortiz regardless if he was looking at him or not. Why was he looking at the referee? It’s a rule in boxing, you never take your eye off your opponent and that’s what Victor Ortiz did. Another rule is to defend yourself at all times, which is mentioned to fighters before they get in the ring and just before the bell goes. 

Khan knows Mayweather is much better than anyone he’s ever faced, and he also acknowledges the fact that his fight can generate a lot of money, maybe one of the biggest purses in history. Khan has a huge following outside of the United Kingdom, in Pakistan and India and throughout the Muslim world. The UK’s is too small for him, for his aspirations. Question is – Is Mayweather (if willing) too good for him, or will Amir Khan be the man to beat him?