Mayweather to Pacquiao – All I Want For May is You

Floyd Mayweather already used his twitter account to tell the world that all he can think about, besides his up and coming prison time, is fighting Manny Pacquiao on May 5, and no other fighter will do.

Mayweather was supposed to begin a 90 days prison sentence this month, but the judge postponed his jail time to June because of his May 5 fight. His financial importance to Las Vegas on fight nights was too big to give up on, and so a man convicted of violent acts stays five more months without serving anytime so he can make more money for himself and everyone involved with boxing.

Manny Pacquiao has confirmed he would love to fight Mayweather, the no.1 pound-4-pound fighter in most rankings since Pacquiao’s unconvincing win over Juan Manuel Marquez. It seems to be that it’s all a matter of how badly he can convince Bob Arum to get the fight done. His promoter is highly against this, for more than a single reason. Arum is trying to sell other fights, mostly a fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather, who works before fights with Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya but is pretty much his own decision maker, has only Manny Pacquiao on his sights – I don’t want to fight anybody but him. I don’t want to fight Miguel Cotto, not Canelo and I ain’t looking to fight Juan Manuel Marquez a second time.

I’m not trying to fight Robert Guerrero. I fought a southpaw, I fought Victor Ortiz. Ortiz was a tune up preparing me for Pacquiao because I thought that fight was going to happen and it’s the fight I want to give the world. I’m looking to fight Manny Pacquiao, why is he duckin’ and dodgin’ me? I mean, you say you’re a clean athlete, I’m a clean athlete. Let’s take the tests and let’s fight.

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As always, it’s hard to see between and beyond all the smoke and mirrors. For a long time it looked like Mayweather was the one doing the ducking, throwing in impossible conditions just so Pacquiao would refuse the fight. Lately, it seems that Bob Arum is the main reason for this fight being a thing of fantasy instead of reality.

Does Mayweather truly wants to fight Pacquiao this time around? Or was it just a card to play so he can stay away from jail for a few more months? His reserved May 5 date doesn’t even seem that plausible, as a Pacquiao advisor spoke about the need for a bigger venue, which will only be available late in May. Maybe that’s just a tactic to get Mayweather to drop on his terms to get the May 5 date done.

As usual with these two, there’s a lot of talking, especially from the Mayweather side. But the ball is in Manny Pacquiao’s court, or more appropriately, Bob Arum’s.