Floyd Mayweather is Fighting Victor Ortiz but Thinking About Pacquiao

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be making his return to prime time boxing this Saturday, his first fight since May 2010, a 12 round UD over Sane Mosley. Victor Ortiz, the WBC Welterweight champion, is his next opponent. Mayweather is 6-1 favorite to win the fight, and despite Ortiz ranked as the no.2 Welterweight fighter in the world by Ring magazine, it would be more than just a mere upset if Ortiz (29-2-2) will actually win.

I’m pretty sure Mayweather is taking this fight very seriously, despite the way he acts, talks and whatever he projects. He wouldn’t be a 41-0 former champion if it was any different. He wouldn’t be considered as one of the greatest in history, maybe the best ever defensively. But Mayweather’s thinking big, thinking after this fight, thinking about the future. He’s thinking Manny Pacquiao.

This Victor Ortiz fight is just a teaser for him. All this Amir Khan foreplay is all about promoting his fight. Mayweather is doing that very well, and the PPV numbers should be better than Pacquiao’s May fight against Mosely, something very important to Floyd. The lingering feeling of not getting enough respect and recognition despite all he’s done in boxing, despite everyone he has beaten in 15 years inside the ringt, the fact that Pacquiao is considered the better and more successful fighter is eating at his insides. Any chance to beat the no.1 P4P fighter in the world at something is welcomed.

Meanwhile, on the Ortiz side, there is strong belief that the young southpaw can make huge headlines on Saturday with a win. According to Danny Garcia, his trainer – I won’t be surprised if we knock him down in the first round — or knock him out in the first round. He says he isn’t going to run. He says he’s going to stay in front of Victor. How is he going to stay in front of Victor without getting hurt? He’s going to get hit. He’s going to get nailed. He’s going to feel Victor’s punches, he’s going to have to run.

Ortiz has the power and youth advantage. Mayweather has experience, savvy, defense and quickness. Garcia claims Ortiz may be just as quick, even quicker. Anyhow, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to get hit, and hard. The Ortiz camp is counting on power and says that they’re ready for Mayweather’s counter punching and whatever he has up his glove.

For Mayweather, a win over Victor Ortiz, 10 years his junior, a bigger fighter than both Marquez and Hatton (which Mayweather repeatedly praised this week) and a hell of a lot more athletic than Sane Mosley, will be a great way to get some respect. Still, the ultimate prize will be a Pacquiao fight. Who else, after all? Amir Khan maybe, but he’s planning on jumping to Welterweight next year. Mayweather also want Khan to fight one of his prodiges.

Andre Berto? The man Ortiz beat in 12 round back in April had an impressive win over Dejan Zavec two weeks ago. Another option is Sergio Martinez, which would mean Mayweather going up in the Weight Class, not something I’m sure he wants to do. And Pacquiao’s a fatter fish, money wise, and respect wise, than any of them. Martinez might be a tougher fight, but Pacquiao’s the big prize.

Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, isn’t very sure that a deal can be struck. With Pacquiao likely headed towards retirement in 2013, the window of opportunity to get this mega fight going is closing. Its 2012 or never, although in sports, you never should say never. Mayweather’s path to greatness and eternal recognition as the greatest Welterweight ever goes through Manny Pacquiao. If he agrees to the testing.