Mayweather vs Pacquiao – We Got Talks

We’ve been here before these past few years, with the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather camps meeting and talking, eventually unable to close a deal and get us a fight. Still, having Manny Pacquiao confirming that negotitioans to get the fight is pretty big news.

Where do we stand – Floyd Mayweather has a fight booked on May 5. Opponent? It started as rumors from the Mayweather camp, saying he looking for the biggest fight possible. Not a big secret what that is. Mayweather’s return to boxing with his knockout win over Victor Ortiz quickly put the Pacquiao – Mayweather talks back on everyone’s lips.

Manny Pacquiao has just come off a majority decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez, needing an all out assault on the Mexican in the final two rounds to get that win. Every time someone loses a close one, it’s popular to say he should have won. Marquez shouldn’t have won. A draw, maybe. He just didn’t do enough to win.

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Fast Forward, nearly two weeks since. Panic at the Pacquiao camp. The flaws have been expsed. Weaknesses that weren’t there suddenly float to the surface. Come on. Certainly some signs of worrisome tactics have appeared, but panic? Maybe in Bob Arum’s mind. Arum doesn’t want the Mayweather fight to happen, not right now. Seeing Manny’s indecisive victory over Marquez made his realize two things.

1. Pacquiao may actually lose to Mayweather, so there’s no reason in putting the two in the ring together. Arum has a limited time in which he can get tons of money off Pacquiao fights, why send him to lose against Mayweather and pretty much lose his money making machine?

2. There’s a market for a fourth Marquez fight. Pacquiao can’t destory him, he can hardly beat him. Why not milk some more out of this rivalry, with the fourth fight promising to be just as tight, just as good, with revenge, a word that always sells fight, floating around in the air.

It’s been common belief that for Pacquiao to get his Mayweather fight, he needs to stand up to Bob Arum. Apparently, that has happened. It’s too soon to rejoice, but according to Manny, Negotiations are ongoing for my fight with Mayweather, but nothing is final, Mayweather may be thinking ‘I can fight Pacquiao now because he had trouble against Marquez, and I was able to beat up Marquez’.

Last time these negotiations came apart due to the issue of blood testing and their timing. If Mayweather won’t get the Pacquiao fight he wants for May 5, 2012, another lucrative option may come to the table. Sergio Martinez, the WBC Middleweight champion and #3 on most Pound-4-Pound rankings is dying for a big fight. His division is rather empty, not giving him the opportunity for big money, and glory. To be considered one of the best pound-for-pound I just need this little push, a great fight with one of the two. I feel as if I have achieved nothing yet in boxing. Nothing. If I quit tomorrow people would forget about me. I would even forget about myself.