Mayweather to go for Martinez Instead of Pacquiao?

Floyd Mayweather is a busy man, especially with his legal problems still not out of the way and still possible jail time looming over his head. Sport related problems are less serious, and involve the fact that the deal for the Manny Pacquiao fight is nowhere near it’s signing, while the Sergio Martinez option keeps coming up.

Mayweather, 34, plans to plead guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges, resolving allegation that he hit his ex-girlfriend. He plans to plead no contest to misdemeanor battery and pay a small fine. Although there is the jail time risk regarding the first charge, it will probably result in a somewhat larger fine than actually send Floyd to jail. He was already acquitted in October of other misdemeanor harassment charges.

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With his head supposedly soon to be clear of anything un-boxing related, Mayweather has the May 5 date booked. Be it Manny Pacquiao, be it someone else. Right now, Mayweather’s team, alongside Golden Boy Promotions with Oscar De La Hoya haven’t been able to reach an agreement with Manny Pacquiao’s team, Bob Arum and his Top Rank guys.

Be it the money splits or the timing of the testing, something isn’t moving over there. In that case, there are rumors that the Mayweather team is looking for other options, altough nothing can be as lucrative as the Pacquiao fight.

No.3 on most Pound for Pound rankings is Argentinian Middleweight, The Ring champion in that weight class and also wearer of the WBC Diamond belt, Sergio Martinez. At 36, with a record of 48-2-2, Martinez is looking for a big fight, hopefully with someone from a lower weight class.

Big fight? Big money. Martinez doesn’t need to prove too much, and at his age, he doesn’t want to take on more and more fights from up and comers while waiting for the big chance. There aren’t that many big paydays in his division, not like the opportunity a Welterweight presents. A fight against Miguel Cotto at Junior Middleweight would be fine. A fight against Julio Cesar Chavez or Saul Alvarez may also be of interest, but Martinez wants the biggest possible fight.

Super Middlweight? Too much of a risk. Martinez prefers to drop in weight and face the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in some catchweight (probably 150) then go up against Andre Ward or even Bernard Hopkins who has said he would love a shot at Sergio.

And of the chances of it actually happening? His promoter, Lou DiBella, says it’s up to Mayweather – There was a very brief conversation with Mayweather’s representatives where it became clear that in the eventuality that it’s clear there won’t be a Pacquiao fight, and I don’t think they’ve hit that point yet, that they would consider Sergio. 

DiBella, unlike the Pacquiao crew, is friendly with the Mayweather camp and serves as an adviser from time to time in picking opponents and such. When the whole May 5 issue came to the surface, it was DiBella who spoke to the media saying Mayweather was planning something big.

Regardless of the argument who’s better, Pacquiao or Mayweather, there’s the issue of if they even want to fight each other. Each side has fans claiming it’s just about public appearances, but both don’t really want a piece of each other, despite the public demand and the huge financial windfall from it. Sergio Martinez will probably be the main profiteer if the talks to fail to reach an agreement.