Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Back to Drug Testing Problems Again

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While Floyd Mayweather has yet to pick an opponent or a date regarding his next fight, we can certainly see that his mouth is back in top shape, talking a little bit about his WWE appearance in the near future and also a bit about the prospect of fighting Manny Pacquiao.

According to Mayweather, there are two things that stand in the way of the fight people seem to care less and less about but would still be the biggest fight in ages, and possibly the biggest one in history in terms of PPV and money made off of it, which is a big factor, obviously, for both sides.

The subject of performance enhancing drugs is always in the news, but the recent USADA report which pretty much declares Lance Armstrong as the biggest cheat and fraud on the face of this planet, taking away, or at least intending to, everything he’s ever won in his career, has brought the matter back into the news better than any juiced up Major League hitter could ever hope to.

The initial reasons, allegedly, for Mayweather and Pacquiao not fighting were the drug testing. Mayweather claimed Pacquiao’s achievements and rise through the boxing ranks & weight classes was due to him using PEDs, something the two are still hashing out in court regarding defamation claims. Although most people eventually have come to one of these two conclusions – It’s about the money and/or Mayweather has simply been avoiding Pacquiao under the pretense of ‘Mayweather doesn’t fight someone he doesn’t know how to exploit his weakness’, the drug question never went away.

Mayweather wants random and Olympic style drug testing. Pacquiao may have or may have not agreed to it, depending which side of the fence and which sources you with to believe. But the biggest problem standing in the way of this fight is the ego of the promoters and how the money is to be divided.

Mayweather sees himself as the face of boxing, as he usually refers to himself, the biggest draw in the sport, because of his fans and equally, because of people who’d love to see him lose. The problem of having to deal with Bob Arum, a promoter who very much likes to control every aspect of his fighters bouts, is something that’s hard to get around. Both blame the other one for this fight isn’t happening. No progression has actually been made in over three years. The closest has been a reported phone call between Mayweather and Pacquiao, with Mayweather offering Manny $40 million to take the fight and leave all PPV grossing to him. Obviously, that was turned down.

Mayweather was interviewed by a radio station about his future plans. It mostly was about his WWE appearance but Mayweather was the one who took the talk to Pacquiao, and featured his ‘tell’ about how unconvinced he is about the fight. Whenever Mayweather is asked about the option of making it a 70-30 for the winner, he always avoids the question and never answers it properly. Maybe it’s part of his media act, maybe he just doesn’t have a good answer.

Pacquiao is set to have a fight in late November or early December against (probably) Juan Manuel Marquez, although the options of facing Timothy Bradley or Miguel Cotto are still on the table.