Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Getting it on in 2013?

It’s been about two weeks since Floyd Mayweather got greeted by 50 Cent as he finally finished his prison sentence, but Manny Pacquiao is already planning one last attempt at securing a deal to make the mega fight less and less people still care about happen, hopefully in April 2013.

Manny Pacquiao still hasn’t declared who will he fight in November, with Mayweather on the shortlist, but there’s a very small chance that Mayweather actually agrees to take that fight so soon after his release. It’s either going to be his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez to bring in the money with the revenge factor and the huge Mexican fan base, or a revenge fight against Timothy Bradley, who holds the WBO welterweight title after beating Pacquiao in a disgrace of a decision. Bradley means the title and some justice, but it will bring in less money than the Marquez fight.

The big prize, both in terms of legacy and cash, is the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight. Both sides know it, but too many problems of money, ego and simply being afraid of each other (I’ll let you decide who fears who the most) have allowed this fight to remain a fantasy for many boxing fans, although it has been pulling away from the heart of many as it is clear both fighters are no longer in their prime.

Bob Arum, him again, is convinced he can workout a deal this time, putting his faith in the new TMT productions set up by Mayweather and 50 Cent, the most touching bromance in the world of sports. Why? Because Arum thinks 50 Cent is a real businessman who isn’t looking to stop this fight from happening like other people involved in the negotiations in the past. The same accusations have usually been made by the Golden Boy promotion crew at Arum, saying he’s ruining boxing.

A problem with the fight might come from Pacquiao, who will soon be campaigning for the governors position of Sarangani province in the Philippines, which might interfere with the schedule and his preparation for the fight. His November 10 fight with either Bradley or Marquez is penciled down, but Arum is working more on hope than on certainty regarding April 2013. It’s free, but you never know what will be Pacquiao’s focus seven months from now.

Despite prison, it hasn’t been such a bad year for Mayweather, rising to be the highest paid athlete on the planet with $85 million made from his two fights with Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto over the last 12 months. Pacquiao is right there behind him, but his lackluster performances and defeat to Timothy Bradley have left many wandering how much he has left; how much he still wants to compete and dominate in a sport that might not be as important to him anymore.