Mayweather vs Pacquiao – 2013 Double Header?

Manny Pacquiao is still licked the wounds from the unbelievable split decision loss to Timothy Bradley, while Floyd Mayweather is still serving his time in Nevada County jail. That isn’t stopping Bob Arum from planning ahead, maybe towards a fight or even two between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

The situation regarding Pacquiao is this – He’s going to fight in November, against either Timothy Bradley in a rematch or against Juan Manuel Marquez, also a rematch. The WBO review decided that Pacquiao clearly won his fight with Bradley, but that doesn’t change anything. It was just another finger pointing at the Nevada athletic commission, telling them what a terrible job their judges did. Still doesn’t change another loss added to Pacquiao’s record, doesn’t change the fact that Bardley is now the WBO Welterweight champion.

The question regarding who will fight Pacquiao in November depends, as always, on money. The Pacquiao – Bradley PPV numbers were below 1 million, somewhere around the 900,000. The Marquez – Pacquiao fight from November 2011 brought around 1.4 million buys. A rematch with Bradley, now a more known name might make them cross the 1 million mark, but Marquez is the more financially lucrative option.

Bob Arum, the Top Rank chief and Pacquiao’s promoter, doesn’t believe Floyd Mayweather will fight in 2012. On that grounds, he says that there’s a chance, maybe the last one while people still care about the unfulfilled rivalry and the sport itself, to make Mayweather – Pacquiao happen. Manny Pacquiao does need to win his next fight, against whoever faces him, which suddenly doesn’t look like a sure thing, more due to the officials making a mockery of the decision making than to Pacquiao’s ability.

After jail, maybe Mayweather’s demands of taking the entire PPV piggy bank to himself will change. Last time around, according to most of what was said by many people on both sides, Mayweather offered $40 million to Pacquiao, which was turned down. The fight, unless the interest in it slowly fades away, which might happen if Boxing continues to spit out ridiculous results like the last travesty, will probably be the most watched in history, bringing in the most money in history, way over $100 million.

What the Pacquiao camp wanted was 45% of the pot to each fighter, while 10% go to the winner. In a normal sport, with an normal organizational structure, that would work. But this is boxing, an irrational sport, with irrational people, like Mayweather, like Arum at times. It didn’t work last time. Who knows if it will ever get a chance to work out.

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