Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Here We Go Again

Getting tired of it? Not completely. So what if Floyd Mayweather is mostly busy trading insults with his former best friend and business partner 50 Cent. So what if Manny Pacquiao has a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez coming up. It’s always great for both these men, especially when promoting a bout, to throw the Mayweather – Pacquiao card in the air.

The latest in this never ending saga that seems less and less important each time it’s mentioned? Pacquiao throwing the ball once again in Mayweather’s court, hoping the undefeated welterweight champions, recently released from prison, agrees to the terms presented to him

What are they? Nothing new. Pacquiao is willing to take the smaller portion of the revenue share, something along the lines of 45-55. Sure, there are going to be arguments about what revenues: PPV, gates and such, but it really does make Mayweather look bad if he continues to refuse this fight. Claims like “I have to make a living” and such don’t fool anyone.

A man who was ranked as the highest paid athlete in the world for only two fights can’t expect people to believe that the potentially biggest PPV fight in history won’t be enough for him to pay the bills, even if he isn’t getting the kind of share he’s used to be getting.

And while Pacquiao should be focusing on beating Marquez, a man he has fought three times before, drawing once and winning, controversially twice, Mayweather is always on his mind.

I am 100 per cent willing to fight him. I agree with the 45-55 (purse split) for the fight to happen for the sake of the fans. Whatever he wants with the drugs testing, he can do whatever is in the rules. It is up to him to make the fight happen.

Mayweather is probably waiting. For what? There’s always the theory that Mayweather doesn’t take on a boxer he hasn’t found a weakness in he can exploit. While Pacquiao has shown he is far from perfect in his most recent fights, including the loss to Timothy Bradley which was a scoring debacle, not an actual loss, maybe Mayweather still doesn’t like what he sees from the Filipino fighter, as in still too fast for him.

Maybe he’s hoping Pacquiao loses to Marquez. It gives him an out from the fight, or an excuse to take even more money. If Pacquiao loses a second fight in a row, the whole “who is better/who was better” argument is put to rest. Mayweather will be able to retire or move on to another chapter in his illustrious career without having to face Manny Pacquiao without it ever being a void in his resume. If he does take him on after a Pacquiao loss, he has much better financial leverage entering the negotiations.

This is a fight that could have happened at least three times in the past, back when these two were still in their prime. Both might not be as focused on boxing as they once were, and certainly not as good as they once were. It’s a shame we never got to see them tackle each other in their primes, but it’ll be a bigger shame, despite everything that’s transpired, if the fight never actually happens.

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