Mayweather vs Pacquiao – The Phone Call

Floyd Mayweather seems to be doing anything possible to save the chance of fighting Manny Pacquiao on May 5. The unheard and unthought of actually happened, as Mayweather placed a call to Pacquiao in order to try and workout stuff between them, although it might not be enough.

Mayweather has to make a fight happen by the end of May, as he’s going to prison on June 1. The judge actually postponed his jail time so Mayweather can go ahead and fight on May 5, a date he has saved up at the MGM grand for quite sometime now. After Pacquiao fought Marquez, it seemed that both sided were going into negotiations regarding the expected mega fight, but those talks, if actually happened, never really materialized into a deal and a fight.

Bob Arum looks like the person in the way, but it all depends on how your read and view the words spoken by both sides. Mayweather has done everything possible in recent weeks, via twitter and the press, to try and show us that all he really wants is a fight against Manny Pacquiao, no one else. Not Canelo, not Guerrero, just Pac-Man.

Bob Arum doesn’t seem to want this fight, and changes his version everytime something else jumps up on the radar, allowing him to stop it from hapenning. From the first moment, Arum wanted to set up another Marquez fight. Two weeks ago he announced that he has four options lined up for Pacquiao – Marquez, Cotto, Peterson and Bradley.

A week ago Arum announced that Pacquiao has made his pick, and the fight will take place in late May, conveniently. It’s not that he can’t make a fight happen on May 5, but from the moment Mayweather got his temporary out-of-jail card, Arum immediatly pushed for a late May or June fight, talking about a bigger venue being built, in order to make more money by bringing in 38,000 fans and not the 17,000 the MGM grand can hold.

Mayweather has to fight on May 5, from the looks of things. He can’t back out from his agreement with the MGM Grand unless he wants more legal problems hounding him, and it seems that as an act of desperation, he got hold of Michael Koncz, an adviser to Pacquiao, via phone, which led to the conversation with Manny Pacquiao.

So what happened? All rumors, but rumors say that both fighters agreed to a 50-50 split and pretty much everything standing in the way of the fight. Will it happen? Well, as long as Pacquiao listens to Arum, than no. Arum didn’t select the late May date randomly. He knows Mayweahter has a small chance of making it. Personal reasons, unfortunately, are still standing in the way of the biggest boxing fight available from happening.