12 Memes About Arsenal & Arsene Wenger Failing as Always

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Another match against one of the top teams in the Premier League, the same result. Arsenal lose, Arsene Wenger has a hard time explaining and fans seem to feel confused on how a team that led the league recently and they’ve been told will challenge for titles can look this bad, which results in more funny to angry and insulting memes about the manager and his players.

Wenger has new spins and words of wisdom coming out each day. Now that Arsenal are back where they always are – fighting to finish fourth, nothing more than that, he can deploy his usual sentences and remarks of spin doctorism, which are about saving his job (if he’s actually at risk of losing it) and making it seem like this team was never going to finish above fourth anyhow, and making it into the Champions League was the goal all along.

A minimal goal? Sure. But making it seem like his tenure, or at least the last 10 years of it, has been a success? That’s simply lying to the fans, who once again feel disrespected by being duped into thinking they have a genuine title contender to follow this season only to see these aspirations and hopes crash wildly after every away match against the other teams that have the same goals in mind, only doing a much better job at achieving them and following through.

At any other club, Wenger wouldn’t have lasted. But there’s a very good chance that the men in charge of the team don’t really care as long as the money keeps coming in, which why finishing fourth all the time doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to them, because it means Champions League money and revenue doesn’t stop.

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