10 Memes About David Moyes & Manchester United Failing

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It seems that after every positive result Manchester United manage to achieve comes a new, humiliating low for the once proud club and still defending Premier League champions, but espescially for their manager David Moyes.

If not too long ago, despite the long list of negative records broken and disappointing results against the top teams in the league which has now also leaked on to the Champions League, it seemed there was nothing in the world that would make the Glazers fire Moyes. He was always going to get a chance and build this team with a full summer at his disposal.

But the 3-0 loss at home to Liverpool changed all that. Suddenly, rumors of Moyes not getting along with his assistants are coming out. Suddenly there’s talk of an ultimatum being given to the manager, and the need for him to get results in the next three matches against Olympiakos, West Ham and unfortunately for him and his team, Manchester City.

It’s funny how a club that has won 13 league titles over the last 21 seasons is suddenly turned into a joke, but the combination of losing in every big match as well as to teams who haven’t won at Old Trafford in decades, the comical and tragic figure of Moyes in a job that seems a bit too grand for him and the joy surrounding English football fans of finally seeing the Old Trafford giants going through a terrible season (haven’t finished below third in the Premier League era) combined creates these cruel but funny memes about a team that can’t wait for the season to be over.

Hat tip: Soccer Memes