13 Memes About Manchester United & David Moyes Humiliated in the Derby

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There’s a pattern to Manchester United matches this season: A loss in a big match, this time the Manchester Derby against Manchester City, followed by memes and joked ridiculing the club and especially the manager, David Moyes. This time was no different.

So what are the jokes about? Moyes making money for ruining a club, while some even support the theory of him being a sleeper cell in order to destroy Manchester United. There’s the comparison to Manuel Pellegrini, highlighting Moyes’ tactical ineptitude in big matches this season and overall in his career, and also the upcoming clash with Bayern Munich, which isn’t causing too many Manchester United fans to feel optimistic.

The funny thing about the whole Moyes-Manchester United issue is that it seems like we’re on repeat since the beginning of the season. When Moyes was hired, opinions were split, but because Ferguson picked him to be his successor, many believed it to be the right choice. There were plenty saying Moyes isn’t good enough for such a club right from the start, and had more and more join their “camp” since the season began.

There are also the ones who actually admit Moyes is terrible for the club, but he shouldn’t be fired because of Manchester United’s way and tradition of giving managers time. There are also those blaming the front office and the players or the previous manager for the situation, not the current one.

But some facts are hard to ignore. The 7th place, the 1 in 15 against teams from the top 9, and two consecutive losses at home to bitter rivals, both matches by three goals to nil. Excuses don’t really make sense anymore when Moyes keeps offering the same explanation, making him and his club even more of a laughing stock this season.

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