9 Memes of Baseball Players as Pokemon Go Characters

Bartolo Colon Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go revolution is upon us, and it was only a matter of time before it slid into the world of sports, and in this case baseballs, with some of the created characters for players like Bartolo Colon, Chris Sale and Giancarlo Stanton worthy of becoming viral memes.

Each Pokemon based on a baseball player is more or less about the more famous trait of that person. Colon is round and squishy, Rougned Odor looks ready to fight, Sale is all about cutting up things, and then there’s Aroldis Chapman, also in fight mode, but it has nothing to do with baseball, and more with his off the field activities.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and we’ll probably be posting some other good ones in due time. For now, for those who need a little bit of creativity spark to get going, these might be helpful, once you finish laughing from Bryce Harper, and in a more pity laugh kind of way, the Atlanta Braves.

Rougned Odor Pokemon Go Chris Sale Pokemon Go Atlanta Braves Pokemon Go Giancarlo Stanton Pokemon Go Aroldis Chapman Pokemon Go Bryce Harper Pokemon Go Prince Fielder Pokemon Go Miguel Cabrera Pokemon Go

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