12 Memes of Chelsea & Jose Mourinho Parking the Bus

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Some thing that what Chelsea and Jose Mourinho did in their draw with Atletico Madrid, playing in the Champions League semifinal, which is referred to as parking the bus, is wrong. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, it’s hard to deny the funny memes that pop up as a result of the unique experience of watching that match.

Some people are obsessed with tactical battles, and don’t mind seeing teams fail to come close to scoring for 90 minutes, while the managers battle by making defensive adjustments without really caring what it means about their offenses which aren’t really working.

Most aren’t. And it wasn’t just Chelsea barely making an attempt to go forward through the 90 minutes, but the time wasting as well. Taking almost a minute to execute a throw in. The diving. The injury feigning. Even when something does happen, like Petr Cech and John Terry leaving the pitch with injuries, no one seems to actually believe it’s real.

But that’s Mourinho. Interesting, irritating, consuming. All at once. He doesn’t do anything for the good of anyone else but for himself. His talk before and after the match is never from the heart or spontaneous. It’s always with a goal in mind – mind games, psychological wars. Assuming different would be just wrong.

Cynical? He doesn’t mind being called that. Destroyer of football? Maybe in specific matches. But he wins and succeeds. That is what matters to him, and usually to his employers as well.

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