Lionel Messi Above Everyone Else (Barcelona vs Real Madrid)

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With so many stars, the little Argentinian was again the best man on the pitch. Cesc Fabregas might have finally gotten his debut for Barcelona, but it was, like so many nights tend to be at the Nou Camp, like so many Barcelona vs Real Madrid Clasicos, Lionel Messi’s show, his night.

Before we get to the usual part when I say he’s the best in the world, lets try and get in the head of Marcelo as an example of a very talented but short fused, dumb and frustrated player. Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho were prepping all pre season for this Super Cup. Playing with his best players, changing the style, Real were ready to finally take over that castle on top of the mountain, aka Barcelona.

To have that shattered in four days, with Barcelona missing more players, with Barcelona behind in pre season training and preparation, with Barcelona far from their best, is simply frustrating. To do so many things well, at home and away, and have Lionel Messi once again, with those bursts of out-of-this-world inspiration along with Andres Iniesta (a wonderful match), thwart those dreams and hopes, is frustrating. And after one game without having a man sent off, Marcelo had to be the stupid man to chop down Cesc Fabregas with clear intent of hurting him and add another Real Madrid red card(s) and another bench clearing fight.

And we’re only in August. Only the Super Cup. The hate, the feuding, the rivalry, it’s hot the Mediterranean summer. And these games didn’t matter that much, in the big scheme of things. The quality of football was good, not great. The second half was more about diving, fouls, hitting and all those things that shouldn’t be in the main focus of things.

Real Madrid’s new style is making things difficult for Barcelona, but their still not quite there. With Xavi back in the lineup, and with Fabregas getting the hang of things, there’s still no comparing between the two midfields and their ability to dominate the pace, the possession, and create game changing plays. Speaking of game changers…

Cristiano Ronaldo was good. Scored a goal. He failed. Failed to create chances in the second half. Failed to make the right decisions in the second half when Real had more and more chances to embarrass and upset Barcelona. Messi? He seemed to disappear for about 20 minutes in the second half. But then came the equalizer, and Cesc came in. Barcelona had the wake up call they needed. Messi made sure the Super Cup remained at the Nou Camp.

The best player in the world is ready for a new season. Lets hope it doesn’t start with a players strike.