Messi vs Ronaldo – Who Cares About Sepp Blatter?

Messi, Blatter

The latest set of idiotic things spoken by FIFA president Sepp Blatter helped reveal the vanity Cristiano Ronaldo is plagued with, and the lack of wits he or those running his social media operations for him possess, taking the whole comparison with Lionel Messi too seriously.

Blatter spoke about the comparison between Ronaldo and Messi, nothing more. It’s not wise for the president of FIFA to share any sort of opinion about current players, teams and national sides, but we know Blatter doesn’t give a f$%^ about anyone and how he’s perceived by the general public. As long as he gets his way, the rest doesn’t really matter.

But Cristiano Ronaldo was too quick to jump the gun. He decided that a joke or two at his expense meant offending Real Madrid (like he really cares) and the nation of Portugal. Ronaldo sees himself as some sort of representative of the entire Portuguese nation, even though all Blatter made fun of was of Ronaldo looking less like a footballer and more like a model.

Real Madrid? Sepp Blatter is an honorary Socio at Real Madrid for many years. Portugal? Only a twisted way of thinking, or just one trying to stir up even more problems, would make a semi-joke at him an attack and insult of an entire nation.

But it simply reveals the deep problem? Cristiano Ronaldo might not have anything against Lionel Messi, but he’s quite angry about every time an award is given out and it’s not his name that is called out as the winning party. That’s life: Lionel Messi is the better player, and has put in better seasons for all four of the last four years. More success with his team, more success individually. Cristiano Ronaldo might be just a fraction inferior, but that fraction has always been what’s kept him since arriving at Real Madrid from showing without any shade of a doubt that he’s the best player in the world.

But fragile egos belong to the most famous of people, and Ronaldo might the most famous footballer in the world. Constantly being rated as second best by almost everyone takes its toll, and creates feeling of paranoia about some grand conspiracy, which only needs the smallest of sparks from the most insignificant of people to light up.

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