Metta World Peace is Too Sexy For His Cat Interview

Maybe Metta World Peace is a huge fan of Right Said Fred, humming ‘I’m too sexy’ all the time while he was coming back from the injury. Or maybe he’s just as weird as his history of actions lead us to believe he is, adding an extremely weird interview after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets, repeating ‘I’m too sexy from my cat’ at about every question directed at him.

For a moment during the interview, the player formerly known as Ron Artest actually got serious after being asked why the Lakers had such a bad start, but then a reporter distracted him by comparing Pau Gasol to the Black Swan, and World Peace was back to his old antics again.

Some have raised an eyebrow or two to the quick return World Peace made from a surgery that should have kept him out for close to six weeks, instead coming back after only two weeks (six games) of missed action, coming off the bench for 15 minutes, helping the Lakes win 104-96. World Peace added 4, very sexy points according to him.

Metta World Peace in your face