7 Best Memes of the Miami Dolphins Humiliated by the New England Patriots

Dolphins Celebrating a 43-point loss

The Miami Dolphins are on the sure path towards an 0-16 season. The New England Patriots helped them pick up loss #2, and their abysmal year is becoming quite meme-worthy.

With only 10 points scored through the first two games but giving up 102 (!!!), it’s quite clear what the plans are. Remember when people said there’s no tanking in the NFL? Well, those days are gone.

Perhaps it makes sense for a franchise that’s been stuck in mediocrity hell for quite some time. It might be ugly, but the draft picks will pile up, the cap space will clear. In the end, if the traditional method doesn’t work, the Dolphins embrace losing.

The people suffering the most are their fans. Next comes the league in general. Yes, there will always be bad teams (hello Browns), especially in the AFC East, but there’s a level you don’t want any of your franchises to sink below. The Dolphins seem to be way past that red line. 

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Getting Crushed