Miami Heat – LeBron James Close to Perfection

It’s more than just the impressive scoring streak LeBron James is on right now. At the moment, he’s playing the kind of basketball that doesn’t just win MVP awards or titles for his Miami Heat. It’s about playing an all-time great level every day.

For the 30th consecutive game, LeBron James scored over 20 points, finishing with 32, 12 rebounds and 9 assists. For the third time in four games, he has scored 32 points or more and not scoring less than 26 since December 20. For the fourth time since Christmas, James has had a 20-8-8 game or better, and it’s usually much better than that, not to mention the field goal percentage that remind us of big men who spend all their time scoring through dunks and easy lay ups. James is shooting 54.4% from the field this season.

Again, as it is when the Heat win, it’s about much more than LeBron James, but what the Heat can add to his almost guaranteed dominance. The Heat were down by six with three minutes left, but finished regulation at a 103-103 tie while missing the potential game winning shot (that’s why James is just close to perfection) and simply ran away with it in overtime, winning 119-109, while James led team in the final five minutes with 7  points.

We have ultimate confidence in our team, our talent level, our execution. We believe in each other. To know we can be down by six with 3 minutes left and still have the confidence to overcome everything and get the job done, it works out great.

Bosh finished with 17 points, as the guards were responsible of the rebounding in this game. LeBron James led the team with 12, Dwynae Wade and Ray Allen combined for 17 boards of their own. Wade finished with 27 points, as the big three combined for 76 points on the night. Very hard to beat the Heat when their big three play to their best offensive ability, while Ray Allen looks better and better after a rough month, adding 15 points.

The defense is still not where they want it to be. Erik Spoelstra decided to stop shackling Joel Anthony to Ray Allen in order to balance the defensive and offensive outputs on the second unit, which has hurt the team. Allen just doesn’t move his feet fast enough in order for the famous Miami Heat defense to operate in the level we’re used to see from them, but as long as he remains a reliable shooter on open looks, the Heat can live with his sub-par defense.

Dallas are going through a terrible period, winning only once  in their last eight games. Due to that record while Dirk Nowitzki still tries to find his rhythm coming off the bench (scoring a season high 19 points this time, I guess seeing Miami does that to a man), few expected the Mavs to put up that much of a fight.

That’s the NBA. We’re not that dominant where we can come in and blow every team out. You’ve got to respect these other teams. They’re good. They come in and play very well against us so we’ve got find ways to win ballgames. That’s what it’s all about right now.

The story continues to be James. People are dying to give the MVP to Kevin Durant or someone new, but the problem is LeBron James is too good to ignore. No player in the NBA does so many things on the floor so well. He can’t win an NBA title on his own despite playing at this level for over two months now, but if one player has a shot at it, it’s him.

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