Miami Hurricanes – The Key to NFL Playoffs Success

The Seattle Seahawks are made of different material than the rest of the teams left in the NFL Playoffs – They’re the only team without a former Miami Hurricanes football player on their roster.

It’s been over a decade of decline for Miami since their days as a national powerhouse, and have won only 13 games over the past two seasons. Still, their place as a lead contributor to the pros is still quite prominent, with 51 players currently in the NFL, many of them still in the postseason. Miami have more former players than anyone in the divisional round.

The San Francisco 49ers have two players from the U: Frank Gore, their running back, with 1214 yards in the regular season, who was also born in Miami, and linebacker Tavares Gooden, who hasn’t featured much this season. He was known as T-Good, involved in the underground rap group 7th Floor Crew.

The Green Bay Packers have one player from the University of Miami, cornerback Sam Shields, who finished the regular season with 3 interceptions and added another one in the win over the Minnesota Vikings. Green Bay also have a player from Miami (OH), tight end Tom Crabtree.

The Atlanta Falcons have two players who played for the ‘Canes. One is offensive lineman Harland Gunn, and the other is the punter, Matt Bosher.

The New England Patriots have just one player from Miami, who is also possibly their most important figure on defense. Vince Wilfork, a five time Pro Bowler and four times second team All-Pro, who has won a Super Bowl with the Patriots nearly 8 years ago. He recorded 48 tackles and three sacks in the regular season.

The Denver Broncos have three players from the program. Willis McGahee, who won’t be fit for their next game, and ran for 731 yards this season; Orlando Franklin, the Canadian-American born in Jamaica offensive lineman; and D.J. Williams, the linebacker, who has been with the Broncos since 2004.

The Baltimore Ravens have five ex-Miami players. Ed Reed, a nine time Pro Bowler and eight time All-Pro selection; Ray Lewis, who is playing his “last” game every time he steps on the field; One time Pro-Bolwer Bryant McKinnie from the offensive line; Wide Receiver Tommy Streeter; and running back Damien Berry.

The Houston Texans also have five players from the U. Andre Johnson, who caught 112 passed for 1598 yards this season; Chris Myers, the Center; Rashard Butler from the offensive line; Darryl Sharpton, the linebacker; and Brandon Harris, a cornerback.

The Seattle Seahawks have some sort of voodoo working for them, not needing a player to say “The U” on their roster when their defensive and offensive lineups show up on TV.

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