The Eagles Gambling Big With New Vick Contract

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About to begin his third season with the Philadelphia Eagles, this time declared before the season as the team’s starting quarterback, Michael Vick got a nice bonus in the form of a $100 million for six years contract, 40 million of them guaranteed. A long way since being released from Leavenworth two years ago. 

His new rode, towards redemption and also paying off his debts began as him being considered as the third string quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. Since then, both Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb have been traded, and Vick is entering this season stronger than ever, but with plenty to lose as well.

The question that come from this contract – Is Vick right up there with the best in the league – Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and even Philip Rivers or Ben Roethlisberger? Does getting this contract, becoming the first player in NFL history to sign two nine digit contracts in his career, satisfy him? It certainly helps him with his financial situation and paying off his debts. But does Vick want a Super Bowl ring with all his heart?

Nothing will make me happier than to put a ring on this guy’s finger right here next to me, and mine as well. That’s my focus. That’s what I’m setting out to do. And that’s what I’ll rally this team to do. 

People will do a lot for money, especially in Vick’s situation two years ago. He worked hard, probably harder than ever before, fighting in training to win his deserved place as the Eagles’ no. 1 quarterback. He said the right things along the way, and did the right things to win his place back in the media attention for the right reasons. No longer being the most hated athlete in America is also proof for how far he’s come. It’s also proof for the short memory of the public.

Philadelphia are going all in this season – The contract to Vick, who might be the most exciting quarterback to watch in the league, a natural leader who won over the Eagles’ locker room pretty quickly, something McNabb wasn’t able to do for a decade or so, is the latest in big moves made in Philly since the NFL lockout has been lifted. Anything short of a Super Bowl will be considered a failure, have no doubt about it.

So can a risk taking, love to rush and constantly taking and absorbing big hits quarterback the man Andy Reid should have went with in 2011? Problems with the offensive line, an area that wasn’t as problematic last season, stood out throughout the pre season games. The Eagles are putting everything on this season, mostly on Michael Vick’s ability to maybe fight against his instincts and personal style of play, which after eight season in the league, have only led his team to four playoff appearances in the post season.