Mick Pennisi and the Worst Flop in Basketball History

Mick Pennisi, a Filipino-Australian basketball player, playing in the Philippines is no young kid. At 37, with over 12 years of Pro basketball behind him, you’d expect the big guy to learn how to execute a proper flop. Apparently, it’s not about how old you are, but how good you are.

Pennisi, who has played college ball for the Eastern Michigan Eagles, is nicknamed Big Daddy P and also The Slick. There was nothing slick about how he pathetically fell to the floor after getting a basketball bounced on his head.

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Will McDonald shouldn’t have bounced that ball of Pennisi’s head, who also hit his 700th career three pointer, a rare feat in the league and generally for a man his size, but Pennisi’s late reaction, realizing he can get more from the situation, was pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

McDonald reacted to Pennisi’s dirty foul on him, and Pennisi reacted to, well, we’re not exactly sure, because it was obvious the ball didn’t really hurt him. I guess he felt the referee needed a bit more of convincing and over-sold the foul/charge, while giving the fans at the Arena and at home a good laugh for their money and time.