Miguel Cotto Between Mayweather and Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao won’t be fighting Floyd Mayweather this May by the looks of things, but he won’t be fighting Miguel Cotto as well, one of the four opponents shortlisted to be his May-June rival in a few months, according to the Junior Middleweight WBA Super champion.

Pacquiao and Cotto have traded blows in the past, with Pacquiao doing most of the boxing while Miguel Cotto was clearly out of his league. Their November 2009 fight was Cotto’s final fight at Welterweight, fighting at 145, losing by a 12th round TKO, his second and final (to date) loss of his career.

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Rematch? Not according to Cotto, who isn’t keen on dropping below 150 lbs for his next fight – I will not fight below 150. Mayweather said he has no problem going up to 154 to fight me. Pacquiao is the one who objected and once again wants me to come down to a weight between 145 and 147. If Pacquiao had no problem going to 150 to fight Margarito, why is there a set requirement for me to go down again? Does he fear me?

Pacquiao destroyed Margarito in their 2010 fight, pulverizing the Mexican and causing him serious eye damage which has been hurting him to this day. Miguel Cotto targeted that eye all throughout their fight at the Madison Square Garden over a month ago, with Margarito not being allowed to continue after 10 rounds.

Floyd Mayweather, whether acting the part or not, is desperate in landing a fight, a big one, for May 5, a date he has locked in and reserved at the Las Vegas MGM Grand, and is rumored to be willing to make the weight up to 154 or 150 to fight Cotto.

We’re still waiting for Pacquiao to announce his next fight. Most likely? Juan Manuel Marquez, the fourth (potential) meeting between the two. Mayweather is still hoping to land the big one, Pacquiao, or at least playing the part, even phoning him up. They agreed on a 50-50 split, but Pacquiao isn’t the one making decisions, or at least doesn’t appear to be making them alone.

For Cotto, instead of moving up to a division that can offer him very competitive fights, it’s probably more about finding the one that’ll make him more money. It doesn’t really matter who of the two, as they’ll produce the same amount of PPVs anyway. Cotto has a strong following as well.

Regarding chances, he’s already been beaten by Pacquiao, at a weight he isn’t comfortable with. I do believe Mayweather is the best of the three anyway, but fighting at 154 will probably give Cotto a much better chance than fighting at 145-147.