Miguel Cotto Gives Floyd Mayweather His Toughest Fight Yet

Floyd Mayweather won by an impressive unanimous decision if you believe the scorecards, giving him 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110. It was probably a bit closer than what they showed. Miguel Cotto didn’t knock Mayweather down, but he hit him and made it harder for the undefeated champion than anyone ever did before.

But Mayweather prevailed, and now it’s 43-0, this time without any controversy like in the Victor Ortiz fight. Floyd started well in the first round, but Cotto adjusted well, and dominated the fight through his left jab. Mayweather spent then next few rounds on the ropes as Cotto kept on coming, despite getting hit with counter punches. He even bloodied up Mayweather’s nose, which is more than most fighters can attribute after spending time in the ring with ‘money’.

Mayweather cooled Cotto down with a few hits in the fourth that pushed the Puerto Rican fighter back, but Cotto kept on coming back for more. He didn’t rock Mayweather, but he made it incredibly difficult for the new Light Middleweight champion to hit and protect himself. Mayweather landed 179 of his 687 punches (26%). Cotto connected with 105 of his 506 punches (20%).

As the rounds went on, Mayweather took over completely, like he always does. Cotto kept on coming, but slower, and less accurate. When Mayweather finally hit Cotto with a big shot in the 12th, there was no doubt about who was going to win this fight.

The fans, obviously backing Cotto, might have made you think that Mayweather robbed the fight and the decision from him, but that was not the case. Mayweather will always be the less popular fighter whenever he’s in the ring. Underdogs are easier to root for, especially against undefeated and arrogant champions.

Mayweather praised Cotto after the fight but immediately went on the offensive. To what direction? Manny Pacquiao, who else, calling the Top Rank Cash Cow out to accept his offers and stop listening to Bob Arum. Mayweather not budging from his demands on getting the heavier share of the fight purse might keep getting in the way.

But all that doesn’t matter, because Mayweather’s headed towards an 87-day jail sentence starting June 1. He’ll go there still undefeated, with another title belt (his 8th), and after setting another financial record, taking at least $32 million which were guaranteed even before the PPV numbers came in. After that? Pacquiao is obviously the first option, but it looks less and less likely we hear both sides talking about the prospect of that fight.

Sergio Martinez and Saul Alvarez are also waiting in line and might be an easier fight to close a deal for. Miguel Cotto, who probably only improved his reputation with this loss – Not taking a hard-to-watch beating and not looking like some pottery plant unable to answer Floyd with a few punches of his own is good enough to keep his career on the right trajectory. Alvarez and Martinez look like the next possible opponents for Cotto as well.

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