Why Soccer Sucks #1 – Diving

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There’s a lot of soccer on our site, but not all of us here at Sportige.com are soccer fans and the editor permitted us to take a jab at the most popular sport in the world. He also told me make it short. Damn you, red guy with horns. So what blows about “Real Football” as some people from across the Atlantic tend to put it? I guess it’s the faking and diving that go on unpunished if the ref misses the action for a second or just doesn’t see what really happened. Like a WWE ref. Well, best example from recent event is this one from Italy, where Juventus winger Milos Krasic wasn’t even touched but still managed to get a penalty through a girlish like collapse. Mistress Karma decided that Juventus shouldn’t enjoy a cheater and a bad referee, and the penalty awarded was missed.

Well, as we found out from our very helpful readers, Krasic has gotten what he deserves, earning himself a two match suspension. He’ll miss Juve’s big match against AC Milan this Saturday.