Mini Revenge at the German Super Cup (Bayern Munich vs Dortmund)

Does this mean this will be Bayern Munich’s year? Probably not, but at least the five match losing streak for Bayern against Dortmund is over. Two quick goals from Martio Mandzukic and Thomas Muller, giving Bayern the two goal lead after only 11 minutes was enough to secure their first win over Dortmund in more than two seasons, winning their fifth German Super Cup with a 2-1 win.

This wasn’t the Dortmund we’ve gotten used to over the last couple of years. No Shinji Kagawa and Mario Gotze on the bench, they found it hard to develop their usual quick passing game to go along with their fantastic pressing all over the pitch. Their usually very trustworthy centre back duo of Suobitc and Hummels wasn’t focused early on, leading to the two quick goals.

Franck Ribery didn’t do much, but every time he touched the ball something good happened for Bayern. A beautiful outside foot pass to Mario Madnzukic gave the Croatian striker, who impressed many in the Euro, his debut goal for his new team, starting instead of the still injured Mario Gomez.

Mandzukic himself showed he has passing skills as well, setting up the second goal and putting Arjen Robben in a one on one situation with Weidenfeller, which the Dutchman missed, of course. Luckily for him and Bayern, Thomas Muller was quicker and more aware than the entire Dortmund defense, finishing powerfully to give Bayern a surprising 2-0 lead in what was practically a home match for them, despite the neutral nature of the meeting between the champions and the runner ups.

Dortmund did take control of the match in the second half after Lewandowski and Kuba were left all alone in the first 45 minutes without any support from the midfield. Kroos and Gustavo started moving backwards, allowing Bender and Gundogan to gain control of the middle, while Reus finally felt more confident and got more involved.

The move that gave Dortmund the final push was giving Mario Gotze his first 20 minutes of the new season, giving us a taste of how good his combination with Reus might be, creating a few exciting attacks that suffered from a bit over passing and a lack of focus on the side of Robert Lewandowski. Dortmund’s pressure did create chances and eventually a goal by Lewandowski himself. Bayern did get a couple of more chances before giving up on trying to score, cruising in the final few minutes and winning their first trophy of the season, hopefully not being the last.

The important thing here was ending the streak. Last season was too much for Bayern chiefs, seeing as how Dortmund was no longer a lucky winner for one season, but a club on the rise, overtaking Bayern as the best in Germany two years in a row, while showing their superiority against the Bavarian club each and every time the two sides met. No one is saying it’s going to be any different in 2012-2013, but at least Jupp Heynckes’ men believe they’re as good once again.

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