Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson Beating Children is the Last Thing They Need

Adrian Peterson

Has anyone noticed there’s an actual NFL season going on? Because so far what’s been taking up most of the headline space if players getting into trouble through violence off the field. Adrian Peterson beating his own son with a switch, which is a narrow, flexible branch from a tree.

Yes, with all that’s been going on regarding domestic abuse, it’s Peterson who now takes the spotlight. It happens during the weekend and without the NFL getting involved for now, which means that it hasn’t caused the same commotion as the Ray Rice scandal. But it will.

Peterson has already been indicted by grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. He then turned himself in at Montgomery County, Texas.

Peterson hasn’t lied, according to reports. He hasn’t hidden from the fact that in order to punish one of his sons for getting into a fight with the other one while they were playing video games, he took a branch from a tree, strapped it from leaves and thorns and beat his child with it, just like he was “educated” as a kid growing up in East Texas.

Peterson's kid injuries

Peterson's kid injuries

According to Nick Wright of CBS, the photos were taken a week after the beating, which goes to show how severley Peterson hurt his child, and how bloody and messy it was all when it was fresh.

Peterson isn’t going to play for the Vikings this weekend and from the looks of things, and the current revised Domestic abuse policy of the NFL, he’s going to be out for at least six more games, not to mention there’s the punishment from the law he’ll be receiving.

Things started out quite well for the Vikings this season by beating on the lowly Rams. Peterson is healthy and into his eighth NFL season, but while last season he was something of a tragic figure due to the death of one of his children at the hands of a man who dates the mother, Peterson is now himself at the center of another incident with one of his children, this time playing the part of the villain.

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