Miroslav Klose – What Sportsmanship is all About

Football sportsmanship isn’t only about kicking the ball out when an opponent is down. It’s also about the more important thing – Not cheating. Miroslav Klose of Lazio proved that playing fair isn’t something all footballers forgot to do, asking the referee to disallow his goal in the 3-0 loss to Napoli.

Very early on in the match, a clash between Juventus’ two biggest rivals early this season, Lazio won a corner, which was than accidently converted into a goal by Klose, who didn’t try to hit the ball with hand. The ball still clipped it and went past Morgan De Sanctis. A big mess followed, with Napoli players obviously arguing with the referee, who seemed inclined to allow the goal.

Miroslav Klose made it to the referee and asked him to disallow the goal because it hit his arm. You can see in the video that some of his teammates weren’t too happy about it. Napoli went on to win 3-0, keeping them at the top of the table along with Juventus, winning 13 of the first 15 possible points, as Edinson Cavani scored a hat trick which could have been a four goal performance had he not missed a penalty kick.