MLB Rumors – Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Trading Everyone, But For a High Price

Zack Greinke

The worse this season is becoming for both the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks, the more willing they are to talk about everyone on their roster, including players like Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Zack Greinke, although it’s going to take a huge package in return to get these teams to agree.

Two named mentioned mostly with the White Sox recently are Todd Frazier and Jose Quintana, although Chris Sale, the best pitcher on the roster, could also be included in that group after being suspended by the team for his weird fight with a front office member because of throwback jerseys. The White Sox are sinking in the AL Central after a promising start to the season, and look like strong sellers, more and more willing to talk about anyone on the team.

We mentioned both Quintana and Sale during the weekend, with the White Sox open for business. Both are 27 and with very affordable deals. Sale has been one of the more dominant pitchers in the American League for a number of years. Quintana is only now getting close to that level. Throw in Todd Frazier into that mix. He doesn’t do much but hit for power, but his salary is reasonable ($7.5 million + one more year of arbitration) and he already has 28 home runs this season.

The Diamondbacks started this season with big spending and big expectations, especially with a six-year, $206.5 million deal given to Greinke. But he’s been so-so and now injured, and the Diamondbacks have been awful in general, at the bottom of the NL West, and on pace to become even worse than the Braves and Twins if things keep going like this. They constantly blow leads, and seem to be in a tailspin. From talking about believing in this group moving forward, they’ve designated Shelby Miller, traded Brad Ziegler and started firing management.

Even Greinke is on the table, but it would take an enormous offer in return. The Diamondbacks aren’t going to take part in his salary, which makes it almost impossible to consider anyone actually making a move for him. But if he was untouchable about a month ago, the summer going poorly for Arizona has changed that. Greinke is likely going to be pitching for the Diamondbacks until the contract is over. Do well, and they’ll hold on to him. Do badly, and no one is going to try and touch that contract.

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