MLB Standings & Scores


The Chicago Cubs shutout the St. Louis Cardinals through Jake Arrieta, keeping the Cards out of the NL Wild Card Standings top 2, occupied by the again-losing San Francisco Giants and topped by the New York Mets. The Toronto Blue Jays crush the New York Yankees to remain in the lead of the AL Wild Card Standings, just ahead of the Detroit Tigers, currently holding back the Baltimore Orioles from the second wild card spot.

St. Louis Cardinals 0  Chicago Cubs 5: Jake Arrieta torched the Cardinals with 10 strikeouts in 7 innings of work, while Ben Zobrist and Anthony Rizzo did most of the work during the Cubs offensive turns, doing their part in the effort of keeping the Cardinals out of the playoffs.

New York Yankees 0  Toronto Blue Jays 9: Seconds consecutive shutout of the Yankees, as the Blue Jays keep their hold of the top wild card spot, while the Yankees are almost out of it completely. Josh Donaldson hit his 36th home run of the season, and Troy Tulowitzki had 4 RBIs.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2  Baltimore Orioles 3: There’s nothing like a game against the Diamondbacks to stop a losing streak, although the Orioles remain 3rd in the Wild Card standings, 0.5 behind the playoff spot. They needed a Mark Trumbo home run in the 12th inning to stop the losing.

Washington Nationals 5  Pittsburgh Pirates 6: The Pirates win on a pinch single by Jacob Stallings in the 11th, only getting that far thanks to a 9th inning single by Sean Rodriguez.

Chicago White Sox 4  Cleveland Indians 10: A big day for Jose Ramirez, with a home run and four RBIs, while Trevor Bauer delivered a good enough 7.2 innings on the mound, as the Indians get closer to clinching the division.

Kansas City Royals 3  Detroit Tigers 8: The Tigers remain in the second wild card playoff spot, carried by a strong Michael Fulmer performance (7 innings, 9 k’s), while home runs by Victor Martinez, Justin Upton and Cameron Maybin helped support his performance.

Philadelphia Phillies 5  New York Mets 10: Second straight win for the Mets, strengthening their hold at the top of the wild card standings. Michael Conforto hit a 3-run homer, as the Mets took a committee approach to handle their pitchers injuries, not giving anyone more than 2 innings on the mound.

Atlanta Braves 3  Miami Marlins 2: The Braves win their 7th straight game, carried by a ninth inning RBI single from Adonis Garcia, who had 3 hits in the game.

Boston Red Sox 2  Tampa Bay Rays 1: Ninth straight win for the Red Sox, as a 2-run homer by David Ortiz in the first inning was enough. They’re four wins away from clinching the AL East.

Cincinnati Reds 4  Milwaukee Brewers 5: Chris Carter hit a homerun and added an RBI, Ryan Braun scored two with his 7th inning single to break the tie, and the Brewers who their second in a row, while the Reds lose a 4th straight.

Seattle Mariners 10  Minnesota Twins 1: James Paxton had a solid day, allowing 5 hits while striking out 9. Robinson Cano finished with 4 hits and 2 RBIs, while Nelson Cruz hit his 38th home run of the season. The Mariners are 2 games behind the wild card spot.

Los Angeles Angels 10  Houston Astros 6: The Angels score six in the ninth inning to win the game: Yunel Escobar hit a two-run homer to tie the game, followed by C.J. Cron and Rafael Ortega finishing the job.

Texas Rangers 3  Oakland Athletics 0: The Rangers shutout the A’s as they clinch the AL West, still 0.5 a game ahead of the Indians for home field advantage. Cole Hamels threw 7 innings to earn win number 15, Adrian Beltre hit a two-run homer, and Carlos Beltran added an RBI.

Colorado Rockies 2  Los Angeles Dodgers 5: Scott Kazmir had his start cut short due to spasms, but the Dodgers made do with what they had, opening a 7-game lead over the Giants. Vin Scully enjoyed his beloved Dodgers, getting home runs from Joc Pederson and Andre Ethier (first of the season) back to back.

San Francisco Giants 2  San Diego Padres 7: The Giants remain on the second wild card playoff ticket, but lead the Cardinals by only 0.5 games in the standings. Wil Myers stood out with a 3-run homer, his 28th of the season.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox90640.58446–3244–32
Toronto Blue Jays84690.54943–3241–37
Baltimore Orioles83710.539748–3135–40
New York Yankees79740.51610½44–3135–43
Tampa Bay Rays65880.42524½36–4329–45
Cleveland Indians90630.58853–2637–37
Detroit Tigers83700.542743–3240–38
Kansas City Royals77770.50013½45–3032–47
Chicago White Sox72810.4711841–3331–48
Minnesota Twins55990.35735½29–5026–49
Texas Rangers91630.59150–2541–38
Seattle Mariners81720.52942–3539–37
Houston Astros81730.5261041–3540–38
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim68860.4422335–4033–46
Oakland Athletics66870.43124½33–4633–41
* Rangers have clinched the AL West title

National League Standings

Washington Nationals89640.58246–2843–36
New York Mets82720.53243–3639–36
Miami Marlins76780.49413½38–3838–40
Philadelphia Phillies69850.44820½36–4233–43
Atlanta Braves63910.40926½26–4937–42
 Chicago Cubs98550.64156–2342–32
St. Louis Cardinals80730.5231833–4147–32
Pittsburgh Pirates77760.5032137–3840–38
Milwaukee Brewers70840.45528½41–3829–46
Cincinnati Reds63900.4123537–4126–49
Los Angeles Dodgers88660.57151–2837–38
San Francisco Giants81730.526740–3541–38
Colorado Rockies73810.4741541–3732–44
San Diego Padres65890.4222336–4029–49
Arizona Diamondbacks64890.41823½30–4834–41
* Cubs have clinched home field advantage in the NL, and the NL Central title

American League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
Toronto Blue Jays84690.549+1
Detroit Tigers83700.542
Baltimore Orioles83710.539½
Seattle Mariners81720.5292
Houston Astros81730.526
New York Yankees79740.5164
Kansas City Royals77770.500
Chicago White Sox72810.47111
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim68860.44215½
Oakland Athletics66860.43416½
Tampa Bay Rays65880.42518
Minnesota Twins55990.35728½

National League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
New York Mets82720.532+1
San Francisco Giants81730.526
St. Louis Cardinals80730.523½
Pittsburgh Pirates77760.503
Miami Marlins76780.4945
Colorado Rockies73810.4748
Milwaukee Brewers70840.45511
Philadelphia Phillies69850.44812
San Diego Padres65890.42216
Arizona Diamondbacks64890.41816½
Cincinnati Reds63900.41217½
Atlanta Braves63910.40918
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