MLB Standings & Scores

Cubs beat Mets

The Cleveland Indians set a record for consecutive wins, the Los Angeles Dodgers bounce back from their losing problems, and the Chicago Cubs destroy the New York Mets as they get closer towards clinching the NL Central.

Atlanta Braves 8  Washington Nationals 2: Max Scherzer has a nightmare of a game, giving up 7 runs. When Matt Kemp hit a grand slam home run, Scherzer was already off the mound, but he helped load the bases for him.

Baltimore Orioles 2  Toronto Blue Jays 1: The Orioles stop their losing streak with a great day on the mound for Kevin Gausman and two runs in the 1st inning which were enough to hold on to until the win.

Chicago White Sox 5  Kansas City Royals 3: The game was tied at 3-3 going into the 9th, but a sacrifice fly from Jose Abreu put the White Sox ahead, and Avisail Garcia added another run just to make the sure the Royals wouldn’t come back.

Cincinnati Reds 6  St. Louis Cardinals 0: The Reds shut out the Cardinals, mostly getting the job done thanks to Eugenio Suarez hitting a walk off home run and his 25th of the season overall.

Colorado Rockies 2  Arizona Diamondbacks 8: Patrick Corbin did a good job on the mound through 6.2 innings of work, while A.J. Pollock stood out on offense with 3 hits, a home run and 4 RBIs.

Detroit Tigers 3  Cleveland Indians 5: With their 21st straight win, the Indians set a new AL record for consecutive victories. This one included home runs from Jay Bruce and Roberto Perez.

Houston Astros 1  Los Angeles Angels 9: Justin Upton and Luis Valbuena hit home runs to raise the Angles up to 74 wins, putting them two games behind the Minnesota Twins in the race for the wild card spot.

Los Angeles Dodgers 4  San Francisco Giants 1: The Dodgers win their second in a row as they put the losing streak behind them. Cody Bellinger hit a 2-run homer and added another RBI, overall making it to 37 home runs this season.

Miami Marlins 1  Philadelphia Phillies 8: Aaron Nola looked great on the mound, tossing 11 strikeouts to pick up win number 11 this season (3.60 ERA). Offense included Rhys Hoskins hitting his 17th homer of the season, the fastest player ever to reach that number.

New York Mets 5  Chicago Cubs 17: The Cubs win their second in a row in a rout of the Mets. that included a couple of home runs, one of them number 22 this season for Javier Baez. Albert Almora Jr. also hit a home run and finished with 6 RBIs.

New York Yankees 3  Tampa Bay Rays 2: Todd Frazier and Brett Gardner both drove in runs during the second inning, helping the Yankees take 2-of-3 against the Rays while playing in Citi Field.

Oakland Athletics 7  Boston Red Sox 3: The Red Sox lead in the AL East is down to 3 games again, this time unable to bounce back from a rough start by Doug Fister. Matt Olson stood out for the A’s with a 2-run homer, his 18th of the season.

Pittsburgh Pirates 2  Milwaukee Brewers 8: The Brewers remain on the heels of the Cubs thanks to Eric Thames with his 30th home run of the season and the pitching work of the bullpen following Chase Anderson’s so-so start.

San Diego Padres 1  Minnesota Twins 3: Eddie Rosario hit a 2-run, walk-off homer in the 10th inning to keep the Twins in a terrific position to finish with one of the wild card tickets.

Seattle Mariners 8  Texas Rangers 1: The Mariners are back at .500, with two home runs from Mike Zunino, two RBIs for Kyle Seager and Mike Leake giving a solid 5.2 inning of work doing most of the damage.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox82630.56645–2837–35
New York Yankees79660.545340–2739–39
Baltimore Orioles72740.49310½44–3028–44
Tampa Bay Rays72750.4901137–3635–39
Toronto Blue Jays68780.46614½39–3629–42
Cleveland Indians90560.61642–2948–27
Minnesota Twins76690.52413½37–3739–32
Kansas City Royals72730.49717½39–3633–37
Detroit Tigers60850.41429½32–3828–47
Chicago White Sox58870.40031½34–4024–47
Houston Astros87580.60041–3146–27
Los Angeles Angels74710.5101339–3235–39
Seattle Mariners73730.50014½39–3634–37
Texas Rangers72730.4971539–3433–39
Oakland Athletics64810.4412342–3322–48

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals88570.60743–3045–27
Miami Marlins68770.4692036–3532–42
Atlanta Braves66780.45821½33–3933–39
New York Mets63820.4342533–4130–41
Philadelphia Phillies56890.3863230–3726–52
Chicago Cubs79660.54542–3237–34
Milwaukee Brewers77690.52741–3336–36
St. Louis Cardinals76690.524341–3235–37
Pittsburgh Pirates68790.4631239–3429–45
Cincinnati Reds63830.43216½36–3627–47
Los Angeles Dodgers94520.64452–2342–29
Arizona Diamondbacks84620.5751047–2737–35
Colorado Rockies80660.5481441–3139–35
San Diego Padres65810.4452939–3526–46
San Francisco Giants56910.38138½32–4024–51

AL Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
New York Yankees79660.545+3
Minnesota Twins76690.524
Los Angeles Angels74710.5102
Seattle Mariners73730.500
Kansas City Royals72730.4974
Texas Rangers72730.4974
Baltimore Orioles72740.493
Tampa Bay Rays72750.4905
Toronto Blue Jays68780.466
Oakland Athletics64810.44112
Detroit Tigers60850.41416
Chicago White Sox58870.40018

NL Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
Arizona Diamondbacks84620.575+4
Colorado Rockies80660.548
Milwaukee Brewers77690.5273
St. Louis Cardinals76690.524
Miami Marlins68770.46911½
Pittsburgh Pirates68790.46312½
Atlanta Braves66780.45813
San Diego Padres65810.44515
New York Mets63820.43416½
Cincinnati Reds63830.43217
Philadelphia Phillies56890.38623½
San Francisco Giants56910.38124½
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