MLB’s Top Ten Active Home Run Leaders – 2012 Edition

    Alex Rodriguez has 133 home runs to go before he makes it to Barry Bonds, and conquers what used to be the most prestigious record in American Sports, also with an asterisk to it. Injuries will probably prevent him from reaching that spot, but he’s still the leader among active players, PED’s or not.

    Jim Thome is the only other player currently playing with over 600 home runs, while Albert Pujols, with 445, beginning a new chapter in his MLB career in a new league with the Angles, looks like the only guy from the current crop who’ll probably reach 600 at his current pace.

    Number 10 – David Ortiz, 378

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    One of only five players to hit over 300 home runs in Red Sox uniform, Ortiz will begin his ninth season in Boston this year, ranking fifth on the club’s all time with 320. He had a productive, as usual, 2011, hitting 29 homers while batting a five year best .309, adding 96 RBIs. He made the All-Star game for the 7th time, and won the Silver Slugger award for the fifth.

    Number 9 – Paul Konerko, 396

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    Konerko is second on the Chicago White Sox all time home run list with 389, and it looks like he’ll be number one, past Frank Thomas, in two or three years. At this pace, it’s more like two. Konerko had another 30-100-.300 year, hitting 31 homers with 105 RBIs and batting .300. Beginning his 14th season in Chicago, the 35 year old is adamant he finished his career with the White Sox.

    Number 8 – Andruw Jones, 420

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    Jones made quite an impression last season, hitting a home run on his first at-bat for the New York Yankees. Playing 77 games, Jones finished with 13 home runs and 33 RBIs while batting .247. Sadly, that’s his best since 2006, but it was enough to get him re-signed for 2012.

    Number 7 – Jason Giambi, 428

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    At 41, Giambi, who’s been with the Rockies since 2009, is not just a guy staying with the club for his leadership, experience and guidance. He can still produce, marginally, in the few chances he gets. Giambi hit 13 home runs last season, driving home 32 runs while batting .260, his best batting average since 2005.

    Number 6 – Albert Pujols, 445

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    Pujols actually left the Cardinals, to the surprising surprise of everyone, signing a 10-year contract with the Angles after winning his second World Series. The question is – how much can Pujols keep producing at the level he has, since, well, he began his career. He hit 37 home runs last season, driving in 99 batters, the first time under 100 in his career. His average, of .299, was also the lowest of his career, but you can attribute that to early season struggles, with the extension still on his mind. The ending, was much happier, for him personally.

    Number 5 – Vladimir Guerrero, 449

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    At 37, it seems Vlad Guerrero’s road in MLB is coming to an end. With the 2012 season almost beginning, Vlad has still not found a place to call home for the next season, after a disappointing year in Baltimore, making $7.5 million while hitting 13 home runs and driving home 63 runs.

    Number 4 – Chipper Jones, 454

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    At 40, Chipper Jones is still a starter for the Atlanta Braves, beginning his 20th season with the team in 2012. He hit 18 home runs, while driving home 70 runners last season, batting .275, his best since his incredible 2008 freak batting year. Jones, considering retirement, whether joking about it or not, is 3rd on the Braves’ all time home run list, behind Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron.

    Number 3 – Manny Ramirez, 555

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    For some reason, the league keeps letting Manny Ramirez back in despite violating drug policies more than once. In 2011 he retired after another infringement, but came back after he got a lightened punishment (50 games instead of 100 games), giving him another round, this time with the Oakland A’s.

    Number 2 – Jim Thome, 604

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    Jim Thome continues to do a re-tour of teams he’s played for. After a short stint with the Indians last season, the team he played for during the first decade of his career, now it’s back to Philadelphia and trying out the life of not being a DH. Thome hit 15 home runs and 50 RBIs last season for the Twins and Indians, while batting a .256.

    Number 1 – Alex Rodriguez, 629

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    Alex Rodriguez won’t catch up with Barry Bonds at the current pace. Ranked 6th on the all time list, he still has a long way to go and at 35, with the injuries mounting up, it’s hard to see A-Rod actually staying healthy enough to see the promise through. He made his 14th all-star game last season, but missed more than 60 games, producing only 16 home runs and 62 RBI while batting a .276.