Monta Ellis With Amazing 360 Reverse Layup

Sometimes, when you overlook the terrible shooting stats, you remember Monta Ellis is an exceptional scorer, pulling off one of the shots of the season with a 360 reverse layup in a huge night for him and the Milwaukee Bucks, beating the Utah Jazz.

Ellis scored 34 points on what was probably his best game of the season, making 15-21 from the field (shooting only 40.3% from the field this season), with his production seemingly increasing since the arrival of J.J. Reddick  and playing next to him in the lineup. Brandon Jennings dished 17 assists in the win as well.

With the 109-108 overtime win over the Jazz, the Bucks improve to 30-28 this season, keeping them at 8th in the West, 7 games ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers, with a playoff spot not too far from being secured.