20 More Memes Making fun of LeBron James & the Miami Heat

The NBA Finals sometimes have three days between games, which means more time for those making memes, jokes and fun of LeBron James and his cramps to take shots at the player and the Miami Heat for losing against the San Antonio Spurs.

Everyone who criticizes the Heat over the last few years and especially James is branded as a hater. While many of these people are, simply following the trend and flavor of the week, some people have legit critiquing to make, although blaming James and calling him out for not playing with muscle cramps isn’t the way to do it.

There’s a trend in San Antonio right now, and probably anywhere else where fans don’t want the Heat to win, called LeBroning. Actually, James has had his carried away moment in the past, and that actually ended with an NBA title, so for those taking humorous jabs at the man, patience might be the wiser course of action.

So now it remains to be seen what’s next – does James follow his painful exit with a redeeming game that shuts everyone up, or do the Heat fall into an 0-2 hole, this time without cramps and air conditioning being part of the reason for their loss?

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