17 More Memes of the Miami Heat Getting Destroyed by the San Antonio Spurs

A day goes by but memes and jokes at the expense of LeBron James, the Miami Heat and the team’s fans don’t stop. However, after the shock of the previous loss, the San Antonio Spurs are reminded that it’s far from over.

Still, the main topic is making fun of either the Heat fans for leaving early unlike Spurs fan, enduring harsh conditions without air conditioning in a basketball arena and rooting their team on. LeBron James, as always, also gets his usual dose of social media punishment without any basis behind it.

One of the things we’ve learned from the 10 games these two teams have played over the last two NBA finals is that there is no carry over. One game is completely different from the one before it and the one after it. These players seem to be good and strong enough to put previous mistakes and losses behind them very quickly.

As always, adjustments will be the key to everything. Losing teams are usually the ones who make them, but the Heat were so bad in the previous game that it might be more about raising their level of play instead of actually making adjustments, which won’t help if James and Wade play this badly one more time.

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