27 More Memes of the New England Patriots Allegedly Cheating

If you thought that the deflated balls scandal surrounding the New England Patriots heading up to the Super Bowl would be gone by now, guess again. The memes making fun of the situation and especially of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are even getting better as time goes by.

So what do we have? Not a lot. Mostly speculation and little hints at some wrongdoing, maybe now, according to the most recent news from the NFL offices, by a Patriots locker room assistant. Or maybe he was just taking the 24 balls into the bathroom while he was taking a leak?

Bill Belichick won’t talk about it anymore. Tom Brady says his feelings are hurt, or something along those lines. Bob Kraft wants an apology from the NFL. It might help that he’s one of the closest owners to Roger Goodell, and helped the commissioner quite a lot during his rough days earlier this season when his integrity was questioned. Well, it’s constantly questioned, but it was at an all-time low during the whole Ray Rice debacle.

And the Seahawks? The team with the most vocal, talkative player in the league seem to be flying under the radar. The media loves this deflate-a-gate/ballghazi thing going on and won’t let it come off the news. Not until there’s blood and someone caught, blamed, punished and “hanged” in the court of public opinion. The press is hoping it’s someone a bit more important than a locker room assistant.

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